​​​​​FMCSA Changes to HHG Consumer Protection Rules
As of June 27, 2022 the FMCSA is putting in place certain changes to the way carriers conduct business.

To summarize:

• FMCSA changed the language in its Rights and Responsibilities Booklet.

• Movers are now required to issue a NEW binding or non-binding estimate if the shipper changes the inventory or adds services. You no longer can use a “revised binding estimate”.

• Virtual surveys are allowed. Live or pre-recorded video surveys are allowed instead of in-person surveys.

• Movers are required to conduct surveys beyond a 50 mile radius

• The requirement for an Order for Service has been eliminated

• Movers must provide the Bill of Lading to the shipper 3 days before loading

• Mover websites must link to a copy of "Ready to Move?" and "Rights and Responsibilities" documents when you move. Moving Pros Network provides its clients with copies of both publications to post on their websites. Remember to direct your clients to your website and these publications.

We've updated our tariff Estimate and BOL reports in the MPN Tariff to comply with the new FMCSA regulations.

The specific changes are:

• We added the text “CUSTOMER MUST SIGN AT LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR TO PICKUP DATE” above the customer signature line on the BOL.

• We have removed the Order for Service section on the Estimate.

FMCSA has released a training slide presentation to outline the changes and provide FAQs. View it here. Download the updated Rights and Responsibilities Booklet and Ready to Move Brochure for 2023. Full details on the new ruling can be found here.