The FMCSA has made recent changes to HHG Consumer Protection Rules.
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FMCSA Changes to HHG Consumer Protection Rules & How it Impacts Interstate Movers

As of June 27, 2022 the FMCSA is putting in place certain changes to the way carriers conduct business.
To summarize:
• FMCSA is changing language in its Rights and Responsibilities Booklet, presumably as of June 27th. Once that booklet is available it will be posted on our website for you to download to your own website.
• Movers are now required to issue a NEW binding or non-binding estimate if the shipper changes the inventory or adds services. You no longer can use a “revised binding estimate”.
• On a physical survey its now permitted to use a live or pre-recorded survey… a virtual survey.

We still need clarification on whether the physical survey is still required beyond 50 miles.
• The requirement for an Order for Service has been eliminated.
• Movers must now provide the bill of lading to the customer (get signed, dated) at least 3 days before the shipment is loaded.
• Carriers and Brokers must both have a link on their websites to the Ready To Move? Booklet.

We've updated our tariff Estimate and BOL reports in the MPN Tariff to comply with the new FMCSA regulations. The specific changes are:
• We added the text “CUSTOMER MUST SIGN AT LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR TO PICKUP DATE” above the customer signature line on the BOL.
• We have removed the Order for Service section on the Estimate.

With the ruling there are also some small language changes and clarifications.
Check back with our website to download the updated Rights and Responsibilities Booklet once it is released by FMCSA.
Full details on the new ruling can be found here.

Optional Emergency Fuel Surcharge

To use this option, please download the following documents. Item 16A and Item 400 are for you to include in your tariff. "Notice to Shippers" is for you to give to customers. "Info for Carriers" contains an explanation of the surcharge.

UCR Info

Update your UCR info and file online here.

GSA Rate Filing and GSA Quarterly Reports

We recommend Kennedy's Filing Services: 843-333-8509. Call Dawn for expert service at an affordable price.

Digital Signatures

Our Tariff Software can export estimates and bills to PDF. Here is a helpful guide on how to deliver PDFs to customers for digital signing.