Our interstate tariff is actually software that computes the estimate and prints the paperwork for you.  Flexible and easy to use and very affordable at only $399.  Plus we help you develop your own rates... fast and easy..with our expert advice.

OUR team members HAVE years of

moving industry experience 

Our professional team includes:

Patricia Jennings- former Sr. VP at AMSA

Joseph Harrison- former President at AMSA

Mark Smith-owner DataMark Systems

Diana Steele-former marketing mgr for MOVING.com

free products

  • INVENTORY to Weight and Cubic Feet Calculator, free at  MPNbusiness.com or now available in excel program.
  • BOC-3 (process agent service) filed with FMCSA free with arbitration program
  • Govmt consumer booklets free in PDF
  • FMCSA listing of insurance companies in PDF


Why is our program excellent? Our program is administered by qualified professionals, many are retired judges, to render decisions... not volunteers like some programs.  Our program is very fair to the mover and its only $199 a year.


tariff publishing

products and services for the professional moving industry

diesel fuel price

The June US price for diesel  fuel is 2.564. Use from June 5th through July 14th.

NG tariff online

Moving Pros Network interstate Tariff Publishing and arbitration



NG EASY RATE, the military tariff on the web.  Use it anytime from anyplace..all updates are done by us..no need to look up the fuel surcharge, its there for you. Only $149 a year.

DEMO it now for free--email us info@movingprosnetwork.com.

  • Interstate tariff pubishing
  • NG military tariff online
  • Arbitration program 
  • Discount intra leads        
  • BOC-3 filing with FMCSA
  • Legal compliance
  • ​Help with your questions